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Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, the Gilli-Hook Heritage Knitters Guild is a collection of individuals with a variety of interests, experience and focus, yet each member displays a fascination for the craft.

The guild was formed on June 20, 1991 with a group of five founding members and has grown to about 100. We are an incorporated non-profit society under the jurisdiction of the Alberta Societies Act.

IMG_0503 (2).jpg

Our mandate is to preserve the art of knitting as a tradition and to encourage one another to develop as a crafts person through the exchange of ideas, the sharing of skills and the development of a fine art with limitless possibilities.

Gilihook Logo.jpg

In November 1995, our members submitted entries for an official logo for our guild. The winning entry is pictured here, and has remained our logo.

A gilli-hook is a traditional Nordic knitting device used to fasten a ball of yarn on the left shoulder so that a knitter can be productive amidst other activites.

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